Gender War Explained

The gender war – volcano – has finally erupted. The lava will continue to spew, until its biology is understood. The same goes, even more so, for politics and civilization. This is because it’s all about the biology of our species.

Here’s a go at it in 1000 words – or more:

All living things must survive and reproduce. In our species, reproduction occurs inside the nest. The female specializes in it, due to her body and brain anatomy. She feeds our helpless, dependent offspring, nurtures them, prepares them, and keeps the nest clean and comfortable for them.

The human male is specialized for survival. He acquires and brings food/resources into the nest. He also protects it against intruders.

This paradigm is found in numerous species in nature.

As humans can abstract, the male acquires not direct food/resources, but money. The female converts money into direct food/resources for the offspring and nest by behaviors called shopping and spending.

Inside the nest, all offspring are treated according to their needs. We are programmed to do what it takes to make as many copies of our genes as possible. Thus, all must survive and survive well, in order to reproduce in turn.

When the offspring are not so dependent as to need mother all the time, she ventures outside the nest to join the male in survival behavior, gathering money for it and their offspring.

Is it starting to be clear? Inside the nest, there is horror if ANY dependent is not cared for. This is manifest in today’s social/political world as the drive for a clean environment, for equality of all, of caring for the dependent/poor/victim/disenfranchised, and as endangered species acts.

Outside the nest, intruders (attackers and possible attackers) must be stopped. The military and police must be strong.

In today’s environment, women not only leave the nest when not reproducing, but can function equally with men – though they do not share identical values.

The result? GenderWar

More to follow.