Trump Misses Golden Opportunity to Woo Women

Donald Trump lost a great opportunity to increase his standing with women – instead losing them.

It all started with the billboard showing his wife in minimal garb. Reflexively, he thrusted back, directing barbs at his current archrival, Ted Cruz, implying Cruz was less of a man for not attracting as desirable a female as Ms. Trump. Cruz mainly parried, defending his wife, not himself, and thrusting back at Donald only secondarily.

In the process, Trump missed a chance to show attractive male behavior, that of protecting the nest/offspring/mate. He could have said how his wife was great and that he’d protect her against any criticism. That would have been protecting her. However, that would have involved a parry, and he’s a thruster.

Remember, one of the biological roles of human males is to protect against intruders. Secondary is to demolish them, though males know this is the best way to protect. Unfortunately, females do not share this as much.

What women do understand is the protection part. They value it to their core. They get genetically programmed pleasure in having a protecting male, as they do with a resource-acquiring male, who brings home resources – money – for them to do their job of nurturing the young.

That’s the way to woo a woman. Show her your maleness: protect and provide.

As if you did not know it, men and women do not understand each other beyond a certain point. Men protect not just by shielding, but by defeating the would-be intruder. Women understand and value and get pleasure in a shielding male much more than a male who demolishes a would-be intruder/attacker.

Instead of attracting women to a pure protector, Trump’s attacks on Cruz showed them his demolishing side, something that does not give fundamental, genetically programmed pleasure to women. To some degree, it leads to genetically programmed revulsion of the demolisher.

So, Donald, close, but no cigar!

Melvyn Lurie, M.D.