Sex In Politics – In Three Civilizations

The three major civilizations today are the Western, the communist, and the Muslim. Muslim civilization prioritizes outside the nest (OTN), survival functions. It hardly considers the values of the inside the nest parent – women.
Communism favors inside the nest functions (ITN). It believes all are equal. Its mantra in the communist manifesto is, “From those with the ability, to those with the need.” This is what we all experienced when we were ITN. All the siblings were treated equally, with the guideline being merely their need. The parent, of course, is the one with the ability.
Western Civilization offers a balance between ITN and OTN values. More, it has a mechanism to ensure this: freedom of speech. That way, it is able to work out the demands of each in a balanced way.
Some see the struggles between ITN and OTN politicians in the West as an indication of the decline of Western Civilization. It might be . : .
Melvyn Lurie, MD