Sex In Politics Reigns

If ever there were a doubt about the applicability of the framework of Sex In Politics, today’s politics dispels it. Remember, the framework is that we humans are genetically programmed to value both inside the nest (ITN) and outside the nest values (OTN).
Inside the nest relates to our reproductive behaviors, and we value them. Outside the nest relates to survival behaviors, and we value them, too. Due to the variation produced by sexual reproduction, there are both men and women who value each more than the other. That is, both men and women value inside the nest, reproductive functions, though they are imperatives for most women. The converse works for survival functions, outside the nest, performed imperatively by men, but also women.
Now let’s add the behavior in which, once the offspring are able to tolerate the inside the nest parent’s leaving the nest briefly, that parent engages in survival behavior outside the nest. Still, such OTN behavior by the ITN parent, mainly the female, is secondary to her focus on what is going on inside the nest.
In today’s politics, Donald Trump espouses OTN values. These are gathering resources/money and protecting the nest from intruders. He favors job creation. He considers who pays for things, e.g. the wall on the Mexican border. He values protecting the nest/country against intruders. He sees the few dangerous possibilities in the immigrant multitude.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, values ITN functions. For example, he favors taking care of those unable to care for themselves: the youth, the poor, the victim, and the multitude of immigrants who present no danger. His supporters say it is unfair to favor some people over others, an ITN value that supports the survival of each and every offspring. He is less concerned about how debt forgiveness will be paid for, apart from the successful OTN billionaires. He is less concerned about acquiring resources than spending them, also an ITN value.
Hillary Clinton focuses on the ability of women, the ITN parent, to partake equally in OTN survival activity, namely the acquiring of resources for the nest by work.

Each side believes what it values is right, just, and moral, and it is – from its perspective. That there is conflict between these three sets of values is less important than their wide swings with each election. However, one of the successes of Western Civilization is its ability to balance these sets of values from moment to moment. That makes for a functional civilization and a functional country, as it does for a functional family.
Melvyn Lurie MD