Trump’s Answer To The Non-Conservative Accusation

It’s surprising that Donald Trump, the counterpuncher, has not come up with a simple explanation to the accusations he’s not a true conservative for donating money to both Democrats and Republicans.

Before my suggested “counterpunch”, let’s get real. We all know why he did this. That he’s a businessman is merely begging the question – which is, “Why does a businessman donate to both sides?” For influence, of course. After all, towers need permits. By donating to all sides, he ensures himself the ultimate victor will appreciate him.

OK. Now for my recommended, simple, “high road” (aka lie) as to why he did so. For freedom of speech, of course. He just wanted to make it possible for the voter to hear all sides by donating money to all sides, money with which they would presumably buy air time. Simple, American, Constitutionally consistent. What more could anyone want?

On the other hand, this strategy is a parry, and Trump likes to thrust. So, he’ll just counter thrust rather than . . . duck!

Just sayin’.

Mel Lurie, M.D.