Supreme Court “Debate” a Good Reason To Ignore Political Arguments

Who are they kidding? Maybe themselves, but not the electorate.
It doesn’t take an Ivy League diploma to get that the arguments for and against the Supreme Court nomination are meaningless. The liberals just make arguments supporting their basic desire that Obama make the selection. The conservatives do the converse, betting their guy will make it in January.

That’s just how meaningful most political arguments are nowadays. The only trick is to figure out whether an IINO (independent in name only) is a liberal or conservative in disguise – disguised as an independent, that is.
That’s why the only reason to watch political TV is not to hear good argument, but rather to hear what resonates with our own political beliefs. CNN and company for the liberals and Fox and no company for the conservatives. It feels good – is pleasurable – to communicate with guests who see (feel, really) things like we do. In fact, it feels so good – and so bad to hear from all those stupid, amoral opponent – that we generally do not switch channels. I mean, who really cares about the other side? It certainly doesn’t feel very good to hear from it.
In conclusion, I support ignoring the arguments – and switching to the channel that . . . feels good!