Donald Trump is acting like he always has, like a survivalist. In our human world, the functions of survival are traditionally performed outside the nest by males. They acquire resources for the nest in the form of money. They also protect the nest against intruders.

Donald Trump does both. His ability to make money and jobs gives him credibility. People believe he knows how to do so and thus is the one who can make it happen for everyone. After all, we are inside the nest of the USA.

It does not matter how detailed his plans are. It is because he ready, willing, and able that people  believe he’ll find a way to do it. If one plan does not work, he’ll try another. His motivation is to acquire  resources for our country, resources that can fit into everyone’s pocket.

As for the protective function of survival, he’s all about that,  too. Keeping intruders out of the nest is a basic function of all nesting creatures. Our nests are our houses and, more broadly, our country. He’ll keep would be drug pushers and terrorists out. If one plan does not work, he’ll keep trying – because that’s what he’s about, protecting the nest.

So, this why Donald connects. He touches our basic need, survival. We feel pleasure in that. It feels good. We also feel less anxiety that intruders might get in. So, he offers relief from fear.

Next will be a post on Bernie, and what emotions he touches.