Hillary Clinton, who understands philandering in politics more than she ever bargained for, does not understand plain old ordinary sex in politics. She constantly focuses on women’s issues, but the only women’s issue she really talks about is a secondary one: equality outside the nest.

Women are genetically programmed by the sexual process to be focused on reproduction. In humans, reproduction occurs inside the nest, the home.

Women feel pleasure when reproductive functions are successful, less when they are merely supported, and pain when they are not. Well, what are these issues. One is attracting a mate. Women feel pleasure even in getting other couples together. They feel more pleasure than men at weddings, where couples really do come together.

An element of reproduction that causes anxiety and pain in women is when their mates are not present. In today’s digital world, they can be present on Skype, in yesterdays on the phone. However, what is best is that they are present. A focus group following Ann Romney’s speech during the last presidential cycle was enthusiastically received, when she said, “Mitt’s always there, when you need him.” That said volumes for Mitt Romney.

What else is fundamental to women? One is caring for the young, dependent offspring. Another is caring for the sick, as that is here people go when they are hurt or ill, to be taken care of by the occupant of the nest, women.

Women value making the nest comfortable. That means keeping it clean and beautifying it. Women a pleased when feeding others, which is clearly their biological job. Women convert money into resources for the family, by shopping and spending.

In human sexual reproduction, inside the nest behavior lessens when the offspring can take care of themselves. Then, women leave the nest to join men in the outside world. However, this is a secondary role for women. As such, women are more rational than men, when gaining resources/making money. Their pleasure is not that great. Their pain at not acquiring much wealth is not as great as for men.

There are certainly many reasons why candidates win or lose. However, the one neglected¬†factor is the biological one. Addressing women’s needs and desires with inside the nest support is what will inspire them to vote. However, addressing women’s secondary function of joining the male outside the nest is just not as profound a part of the female psyche. Genetically.

Certainly, the email scandal and the speech for pay scandal are important burdens Hillary has to face. However, her rival, Bernie Sanders, is really connecting with voters by addressing truly female, inside the nest functions. Examples are caring for the young, preparing them for life outside the nest with education, and much more. Hillary will have to get what sex in politics tells us, in order to inspire her followers to work and vote for her. However, to date, she has not done so.