Only Candidates Who Understand Sex In Politics Can Win

Sex in Politics states that inside the nest values of reproduction (nurturance) are the focus of the Democratic Party of America, while outside the nest values of survival (prosperity and protection against intruders) are the  focus of the Republican Party of America.

Given this, a Republican candidate must, must focus on – and support – survival and protection. Rand Paul devalues that primary Republican value of survival: protection against intruders. He may be right, but that is not the point. The point is that to win, a candidate must show he or she clearly supports both prosperity and protection.

At the other end of the spectrum, one Republican candidate, Donald Trump, continually maintains he can fulfil both aspects of the Republican value of survival: prosperity and protection. With  respect to survival, his focus on his success continually reminds Republicans he values prosperity deeply. With respect to protection, he continually reminds people of his focus on winning. It is not how one plays the game; it is who wins or loses: us or them. He talks  about  winning in life, in work, in wars, and in polls. He portrays himself as the consummate warrior. That is what Republicans value: winning, not playing nice. Protecting the nest, not ushering intruders into it.

The middle candidates show they are willing to compromise when reality demands it. Paul and Trump show what they value – what their goals are. It doesn’t matter whose knowledge or plan is best, because no plan is ever fulfilled. Rather, it is the value system one holds that tells voters what a candidate will strive to do, despite one obstacle after another. Paul values one survival function, that of acquiring resources (the economy), whereas Trump values both aspects of survival in humans: prosperity and victory.