Donald Trump’s rise in the polls resulted from a variety of factors, as does most everything. The media pointed out most of them. However, there is onE that he likely did intuitively. If not intuitive, but wholly conscious, he’ll continue to use it. However, I think he’s stopped. He likely thinks telling everyone he’s a winner is one thing that works. It may, but he cannot ignore other things that worked. Here it is:

Trump uses concrete examples to communicate what he’s about, what annoys him, and what he’ll change. This is akin to charities, which use the single picture of a pitiful, hungry child, in addition to statistics, to gain donations.

Some of Trump’s examples include survival issues. “Did you see that ship, with hundreds of cars, all made in Japan? They sell them here. We buy them here, but we don’t make them. We need to bring those jobs back to America!

Now, anyone who has ever seen what he’s talking about gets it right away. That’s communication, communication that makes people understand exactly what he means. If they agree and want those jobs back in America, they’ll follow him. Remember, the most fundamental aspect of being a leader is to have followers. When people believe you will lead them where they want to go, they will follow you – and vote for you.

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