Political Biology: Gender and Race: Hillary and Barack

An interesting interview with author Ed Klein on Dick Morris’s site (http://www.dickmorris.com/the-ed-klein-interviews-blood-feud-obamas-vs-clintons-dick-morris-tv-lunch-alert/?utm_source=dmreports&utm_medium=dmreports&utm_campaign=dmreports) describes a manifestation of two fundamental, genetic aspects of life as played out in modern American politics.

The interview touches on the reputed speech, evidently a valedictory speech, made my Wellesley valedictorian Hillary Rodham (Clinton). The story, though likely distorted by the game of telephone over time, is that then Senator from Massachusetts Ed Brooke, the first African-American Senator since reconstruction, gave a traditional speech to the Wellesley grads, class of 1967 or thereabouts. In it, he encouraged the young women to raise the next leaders of America.

Next up Hillary evidently “tore up” her valedictory speech and, instead, “tore into” Brooke, evidently on the gender issue of ignoring women’s potential for leadership.  In the Morris interview, Klein relates that Michelle Obama and Valerie Jared still cannot forgive Hillary for those remarks against a black man. That is, though Michelle and Valerie are of Hillary’s gender, they did not praise her for supporting women by criticizing a male. Rather, they disdain her for criticizing someone of their race.

Again, while Hillary’s issue was related to gender, Michelle and Valerie could not separate it from its racial dimension.

This ranking of genetic priority of race over gender was seen in the primary of 2008. When a black man (Obama) was running against a white woman (Hillary), race seemed to trump gender. Not only did black females vote overwhelming for race over gender (Obama over Hillary), but a very visible, popular female TV personality, one whose popularity was based on gender, endorsed race over gender. That was, of course, Oprah. She endorsed Obama. Race was more important than gender.

Oprah paid heavily for this, as many of her white female viewers were turned off. That is, they turned against someone of their gender, Oprah, as she endorsed against their race. This was not any more surprising than Michelle and Jared’s attitude.

If this is viewed from a biological, evolutionary standpoint, it makes perfect sense. After all, considering that the evolutionary imperative is natural selection for more copies of one’s genes, then individuals who reproduce within their race will produce more such copies and thus be more highly selected for. That is, the behavior of mating with a member of one’s race is selected for and thus strong. There are both males and females in all races, of course. The issue biologically is to favor co-racial individuals over co-gender ones.

The wise political operative will hold this principle in mind, if not already doing so intuitively.


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