The best government is that which is most aligned with human nature.
Melvyn Lurie, M.D.

The problem

The obvious problem with the quest for the best government is the difficulty defining what human nature really is. The major reason is that a part of human nature is to mask itself with nurture and culture, generally in order to function successfully in society. One cannot be as aggressive as one might like, or as sexual as one might like, or as greedy as one might like. To do so would cause chaos and anger the other members of our social species, leaving the individual in a worse situation.

The solution, then, is first to define human nature. From there, a system of government consistent with that nature must be allowed to evolve in accordance with it. If such a system is close, it must be allowed to change as our social, physical, and technological environments change – slowly. Inadequacies should not lead to discarding the basic structure of society.

While philosophers, theologians, and economists have stepped forward with their personal solutions, the biologists have, well, been busy doing biology. This website presents hypotheses as an attempt to pull our biologist heads from the sand, step forward, and tell it like it is.

To do so, we biologists (pure ones and applied ones, like physicians) must tolerate uncertainty. Tolerating uncertainly was initially poorly tolerated by physicists, but then it caught on. The very nature of science is to keep uncertainly to a minimum, until some hypotheses are “proven”.

This was true for me, as well – until I became a psychiatrist. Then, there was so much uncertainty, I had to adapt to it or give up. I adapted. I adapted to the uncertainty of proceeding with decisions and advice and treatment that affected people’s lives, because those decisions and advice were called for.

Many people today feel an impending doom to Western Civilization. This feeling appears more than that of the elder, who rales that things were better in his or her day. It is much more widespread and spans generations. So, I pulled my head from the sand, because a much better understanding of how our biology is expressed in our society is called for. I decided to proceed, despite uncertainty.

What seems to tie together our biology, our society, and our politics comes down to sex. Here’s how and why it works.

The Solution: Sex In Politics

Sex In Politics is much more than has been generally understood. Over the ages, sex in politics has made for influence, sabotage, scandal, and intrigue. With intense curiosity, people want to know the juicy details.

However, in the current American political system and likely others, the details of the role that sex plays are juicy in a different way. This website shows how the policies, positions, and styles of the two major parties are mere reflections of human nature, in particular human sexual nature. Surprisingly, major decisions, whether military, economic, or social, are derived from sexual drives programmed in our genes over the eons. Political theories are mere fun and games when compared to the power our biology has over us.

This website explains how all this occurred and is occurring. It also presents blog posts of both editors and guests, ones that show how sex has played a role is the politics of the day.

SEX IN POLITICS – The Summary is 4 pages of conclusions.

SEX IN POLITICS – The Primer is 24 pages of conclusions, with some concise background explanations.

SEX IN POLITICS – The Book is 175 pages of less condensed explanations of how it came about. It’s a fun read.


To some, the conclusions will seem as obvious as common sense. To others, they will seem far fetched. Still others will be threatened by many of the conclusions and strive to debunk them and their background.

Hopefully, many will see ways to improve both my explanations and conclusions, so that we might get them right. After all, our civilization depends on it, as you’ll see. Check them out!

Melvyn Lurie, M.D.

Founder and Editor of Sex In Politics